Whether you visited our main office or website, we want to make sure your questions about our programs and services have been answered and your experiences have been positive. If you do not find the information you need or if you would like to report a negative experience, we’d like to hear from you. Any feedback you can provide will be appreciated.

To submit your question or feedback, simply find the staff member you would like to direct your communication to, send an email and you’ll receive a response within five business days. To request a copy of our complaints policy email:

Home-Icon-32 | OFFICE 

511 Pelissier Street
Windsor, ON N9A 4L2
Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: (519) 973-0222
Fax: (519) 973-7389


| Micheal Brennan, ext. 110
Executive Director

| Starr Meloche, ext. 112
Community Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

| David Holmes, ext. 122
Director of Finance & Operations

| Pauline Nash, ext. 119
Director of Programs & Services

Support Services & Peer Engagement 

| Jennifer Deslippe, ext. 120
Manager of Support Services

| Stephanie Bertrand, ext. 123
Peer Engagement Coordinator

| Mary Jane LeClair, ext. 109
Case Manager

| Victoria Pizzuti, ext. 121
Peer Engagement Coordinator

| Weedor Koiblee, ext. 113
Outreach Support Worker

Harm Reduction Services

| Kimberly Levergood (on leave)
Manager of Harm Reduction Services

| Roy Campbell, ext. 114
Support Worker

| Michael Kumako, ext. 127
Interim Community Education Coordinator

| Claire Venet-Rogers, (on leave)
Community Education Coordinator

| Emmerson MacIntosh, ext. 102
Support Worker

| Kayla Phoenix, ext. 111
Support Worker

| Reem Adas, ext. 125
Community Education Coordinator – “Label Me Person” Campaign

Education & Outreach

| Steff Armstrong, ext. 117
M2M Sexual Health Project Coordinator

| Rebecca Friesen, ext. 116
M2M Sexual Health Project Coordinator

| Ashley Doung, ext. 115
African Caribbean Black Community Outreach Coordinator

| Julia Bracewell, ext. 118
Women & HIV Community Outreach Coordinator

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