It Takes Courage


IT TAKES COURAGE is a community-driven strategy focused on reducing the stigma too often associated with HIV/AIDS. The goal is to make African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities across Ontario more welcoming to those living with, and affected by HIV/AIDS.


IT TAKES COURAGE WINDSOR is a localized chapter and our goal is to create an environment in our city where the ACB faith-based community can speak openly about HIV-related stigma.



HIV-related stigma refers to negative beliefs, feelings and attitudes towards people living with HIV, their families and people who work with them.

Important Statistics

  • ACB people comprise about 4% of Ontario’s population but in 2015, they represented approximately 25% of people diagnosed with HIV in the province.


  • The majority of ACB people diagnosed with HIV in Ontario acquired the virus through heterosexual sex. In 2014-2015, 35% of HIV diagnoses among ACB people were identified as gay, bisexual or other men who have sex with men.


  • It is estimated that 58% of new HIV diagnoses among all women in Ontario in 2015 were in ACB women.

Start the Conversation – Have COURAGE

Unfortunately, it’s still taboo to speak about sexuality and health in the ACB community. We need to open lines of communication with each other and support those in our community that are at risk of being infected and those living with HIV. We all can play a part.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Talking openly about HIV helps confront the stigma that is still often associated with the virus.
  • Research shows that communication between partners is associated with reduced risk of HIV transmission and increased HIV testing.
  • If someone shares they are HIV positive, return that trust with respect.

Planned activities in Windsor to cultivate more conversations

  • Surveys to gauge faith-based congregations knowledge about HIV/AIDS
  • In church HIV 101 presentations
  • Community based presentations and workshops
  • Partnership with local radio program
  • Facebook and web interactions

Get in Touch

African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Community Outreach Coordinator

519-973-0222 ext 115

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