ACB (African Caribbean Black)

Program Overview

The African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Community Outreach Program is an initiative guided by the African Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO). As an ACCHO strategy program, the purpose of the ACB Program is to reduce the incidence of HIV among ACB people in Windsor-Essex, and to improve the quality of life for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.



  • Provide a framework for the response to HIV/AIDS, in the areas of prevention, education, policy, health promotion, care, support and research.
  • Advise and advocate on HIV/AIDS and related issues affecting ACB communities.
  • Promote greater and meaningful involvement of ACB people living with HIV/AIDS in the response to HIV/AIDS.

Why the ACB Community?

In 2011, 22.9% of new HIV infections in Ontario were through heterosexual transmission among people from ACB communities.

The vulnerability of ACB community members to HIV is influenced by the impact of the social determinants of health.

Key Activities



  • On topics relevant to ACB communities in relation to their risk of HIV infection.
  • Presentations designed to enhance the capacity of service providers and relevant stakeholders in the health and social services sector that work primarily with members from ACB communities.

Research Studies

The ACB Program acknowledges and values the positive impact that research has on public health and policy. It is therefore our goal to remain active in HIV-related research within ACB communities in Ontario. We are proud of our participation in the following studies and encourage you to learn more about them:

  • Promoting & Owning Empowerment & Resilience Among African, Caribbean & Black Youth in Windsor (2012 – 2015).
  • Reducing HIV Vulnerabilities and Promoting Resilience Among Self-Identified Heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black Men in Ontario (2014 – Current).

Outreach/Resource Distribution

  • To local organizations and retailers where ACB community members access services.

  • It Take Courage

  • To ACB Caribbean Migrant Workers in Leamington through site visits, social engagement activities, social media and resource distribution.


Request a presentation or resource distribution by one of our priority population educators.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ACB Program email

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