WHAI (Women and HIV)

Program Overview


The Women & HIV Program at the AIDS Committee of Windsor is part of the Ontario Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI). WHAI is an answer to the community need for a flexible response to HIV/AIDS among women in Ontario that takes into account the structural and societal factors that make women vulnerable to HIV.


  • Reduce HIV transmission among women (including trans and cis women)

  • Enhance local community capacity to address HIV/AIDS

  • Build safe environments to support women and their HIV/AIDS-related needs


  • Raise awareness and inform local community organizations and groups that serve women about HIV/AIDS and the need for women’s HIV-related services

  • Work with local community organizations and groups to promote the integration of HIV/AIDS into their current programs, services, and policies/procedures

  • Work with staff at community organizations to build their knowledge and capacity to respond to women’s HIV-related needs


Why Women? – In 2009 (beginning of WHAI)

Women represented 395 or 26% of new infections

223 women were diagnosed with HIV;  23% of new diagnosis

Women represented 5080 or 18% of all people living with HIV

Key Activities


In Ontario, women’s vulnerability to HIV transmission is linked to the social determinants of health and individual lived experience. An important access point for women’s HIV prevention messages, information, and interventions are local community agencies that serve women.


  • About women and HIV-related issues to women, service providers and volunteers that work with women, as well as to students looking to enter the health care or social service field


  • Are available to discuss how your organization can implement HIV prevention into policies and procedures and build capacity to respond to women’s HIV-related needs


  • On community awareness campaigns, health fairs, conferences, committees, or events that impact women’s social determinants of health

Request a presentation or resource distribution by one of our priority population educators.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the M2M Sexual Health Project email educationoutreach@aidswindsor.org

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