Peer Engagement – Overview

AIDS Committee of Windsor (ACW) defines “Peer” as an individual with lived experience of HIV and/or Hepatitis C (Hep C) and/or substance use and/or sex work.

Peers often provide unique and critical insight as they experience the agency as both service user and service provider. Our Peer Engagement program is focused on working with peers to create and run Peer-2-Peer programming (programs led by peers for peers).  Our program coordinators are here to support peers in their roles through program development, training, implementation and evaluation.

Peer programming is a priority and grounded within our agency’s values and strategic direction which is in accordance with the Ontario Accord and GIPA/MEPA principles. Additional key values and commitments of our peer program include:

  • Holistic respect and confidentiality at all levels of personal, professional and social interaction.
  • Facilitating collaboration, open communication, information sharing, and shared decision making.
  • Building on individual skills, shared interests, and mutual needs.
  • Commitment to positive prevention approaches.


To learn more about our Peer 2 Peer programs, Click Here.

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